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The Iliad and the Odyssey


  Contents of Side One
The Iliad - The story of the siege and sack of Troy taken from Homer’s great epic includes: the capture of Helen; the gathering of the Greeks; Agamemnon, Menelaus, Ajax and the great Achilles; the sea battle; the death of Patroclus; the death of Hector; the Wooden Horse and the Slaughter

Contents of Side Two

The Odyssey - Homer’s account of the wanderings of Odysseus for 10 years which includes: his encounters with the Cyclops, Scylla and Charydbis, Calypso, King Nestor and the Sirens; his journey to the land of Hades; Penelope and her suitors; being greeted by his faithful dog Argos; reunion with his son; the Great Bow and the Final Contest


Illustrated with some fine Victorian art from artists such as John Flaxman and illustrations from contemporary earthenware together with marble images


Ingenious double-sided book - read The Iliad on side one and flip over to side two to enjoy the Odyssey
Enjoy these classic tales page by page or pull out the concertina to an amazing 11½ feet
Adults will choose this title for their children or simply keep it for themselves
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